Lately, football has been very interesting and exciting. There have been a plethora of
fascinating lessons of life from football which everyone and anyone can actually reflect. Here, I
bring to you 10 lessons learned from the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

1. Manolas & De Rossi:

These two Roma players were the ones that scored the two own goals against the Catalans in
the first leg of the finals. Everyone was displeased with these two for their errors. However, in
the second leg, each of them scored a decisive goal that was enough to send Barça packing from
Champions League.
Lesson: Don’t be quick to blame anybody in life. Don’t feel offended by how people treat. This is
because he who makes you angry today can make you happy tomorrow.

2. Liverpool vs Manchester City

Liverpool eliminated and humiliated the premier league’s table topper with class. This feat they
couldn’t accomplish in the league even.
Lesson: Don’t feel intimidated by the mighty of your problem. Face it head-on with
determination and a single goal to win. This way, your boldness will scare your problem and it
will be easily conquered.

3. AS Roma vs Barca:

Football lovers all over the world, especially Barcelona fans would have been heavily shocked
with the final outcome of this match. Who would have thought that Roma would maul and
qualify against Barça. I have never been born the last term Roma even reached Semis.
Lesson: Football is a game of two halves the same way life is. Put the greatness of your enemy
behind you and you will see an ordinary enemy that is easily domitable.

4. Roma’s chairman

When the final whistle was blown in the second league which meant Roma qualified, the man
jubilated in the released video to the extent of getting a fine. Although, he agreed to pay the
fine even more with excitement.
Lesson: When you are happy, don’t hide it. Let the world know you really are. Showing your
happiness weakens the strength of your enemy.

5. Sevilla’s elimination

Sevilla suffered a 1-2 defeat from the first leg in Spain and they couldn’t still register a goal
even despite their tough fight and struggles in the return match which ended a goalless draw.
Lesson: Life is not all about winning the same way football is not. It’s not a disappointment to
lose, it’s just the way it used to be sometimes.

6. Juventus’s fans and Ronaldo

When Christiano Ronaldo scored the second goal in the first leg with an overhead kick against
Juventus, the camera was directed to Juve fans who were seen clapping in a standing ovation
for their opponent in what means “No! You’re the best.You deserve it”. Ronaldo, seen this, didn’t
jubilate again and instead, put his hand on his chest and bent his head a little, a sign that means
“Thank you”. Exciting! Isn’t it
Lesson: Strive to be successful to the extent that those that used to condemn you won’t have a
choice than to commend you. And always learn to give unto others what they give unto you reciprocate
the good.

7. Barcelona and Manchester City

Man City: +£354m eliminated
Barcelona: +£171m eliminated
Roma: -£33m qualified
Liverpool: -£38m qualified
Lesson: Just because you attend a public school doesn’t mean you can’t be better than someone
that attends a private school. It’s not always about money, it’s about your value.

8. Buffon’s red card:

Being a captain in football simply means you must command the level of respect in all situations
on pitch and off-pitch. Buffon was red carded as he didn’t show manners when complaining to
the referee.
Lesson: I go here by one of my University lecturers’ saying… “Don’t ever pick up a fight with an
authority because you will never win.” And always apply a sense of humility and diplomacy in the
presence of elders.

9. Lucas Vasquez’s Penalty

Benatia in the post-match conference admitted that he pushed Lucas a little but he wasn’t
expecting him to fall. This mistake cost Juventus as Cristiano Ronaldo converted the spot kick
that heaved the sigh of relief in their fans.
Lesson: Don’t be like Benatia who lived in a glass house and was still throwing a stone. Avoid
taking decisions that can injure you or people around you.

10. Real Madrid!

It took Madrid injury time before they could score the decisive goal that ensures their
Lesson: Always fight until the end because it’s the end that matters. Don’t ever think of giving up.
Always stay focus on your dream and know that it is the end that justifies the means. Juve
lacked this lesson.



  1. I really love that Ronaldo and Juventus fans part. It was so emotional even when i was watching it

  2. This is intellectually deep, i love the analogy. It’s motivating and full of lessons

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