10 Things You Should Know About Just Concluded Unilorin SU Election

As students in the university, you will of course be interested in these facts about the recent election in your school and be glad to be a part of the history.


1. Highest Presidential Aspirants Ever


In the history of the school’s SU election, the just concluded election recorded the highest presidential candidates. Eight presidential aspirants contested for the leadership of the students affairs this year. That was something that has never happened before and it’s an indication that the youths in the country are ready to rise to the challenge of the ‘Not too young to run’ bill, the passage of which has made many youths to be interested in politics and leadership.


2. Two Faculties with Four Aspirants


This was another thing that has never happened in the past. We have seen Unilorin SU elections where two presidential aspirants would come from a faculty. But it was doubled this year. Two faculties featured two presidential aspirants each. Aristotle and Ashnos were the two presidential aspirants from the mother of all faculties (Faculty of Education) while Maiyaki and Oye came from Faculty of Arts. The rest were Scofield from faculty of Environmental Sciences, Carson from faculty of life sciences, Standard from Faculty of Social Sciences and the eventual winner, Animashaun, from faculty of Clinical Sciences.


3. First Female Sport Secretary


By defeating the Akogun from Faculty of Education, Oriana from Faculty of Agriculture has put her name on the book of history as the first female sport secretary of Unilorin students union. Let’s see if it’s true that what a man can do a woman can do it better. But of course, for Unilorites to put their trust in the hands of Oriana, it’s definitely going to be an amazing administration in the end hopefully as far as sporting event is concerned.


4. Law is back!


The last student from the faculty of law to be at the student union of University of Ilorin was Observation, the ex president. After what seemed to be a very disappointing administration, Unilorites have been voting out any aspirant from the faculty of black and white ‘No more law’preventing another disappointment. However, with the emergence of Bankz, the AGS-elect who is from law, it looks like Unilorites had pardoned the faculty and Comrade Idris Alao even though he was booed at the mention of his name during the 7th sense presidential debate.


5. Dominant Faculty


In the just concluded Unilorin SU election, faculty of Social Sciences emerged dominant having 4 of her aspirants elected for their various posts. Energy, the General Secretary elect, Viel, the social secretary elect, Analytical analyzer, PRO elect are all from the faculty. Even the first runner up for the post of president, Standard, is from the faculty. What a politically-oriented faculty!


6. The Freest and Fairest Election


The first time when all the aspirants in central executive council were cleared and none of them was penalised or screened out. This shows the level of seriousness and commitment of the aspirants and as well doggedness of the electoral commission, Unilorin ISEC, independent students electoral commission. That screening made the election more tensed as it was.


7. Female Dominated Administration


The results of the Unilorin SU elections revealed 5 female winners out of the 11 seats-the highest number reached by females in an administration. With vice president COHS, Amazon-Melanin and that of PS, ABK joining social secretary, sport secretary and AGS, it made the number five. Feminists will beyond doubt be buoyed with this development.
8. College Presidential Debut
Over the years, since the inception of the students union, all the past presidents and presidential aspirants have always been coming from the permanent site and never from the college, the mini campus situated at Oke Oyi. This trend obviously was not unconnected with the negligible number of students at the mini campus. However, that record was broken this year. The mini campus for the first registered their interest in the leadership of the entire school students. That was a very nice try!


9. The most sincere election


Yes! For anyone who has spent more than 3 years in the University, you will agree with me that this year’s Unilorin SU election is the most sincere of all. Presently, the University has 15 faculties, 13 of which is situated at the permanent site and only two are in the mini campus, COHS which which are the reputable faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences. The total number of students in Oke Oyi is not even up to 2000, yet Animashaun, from Clinical Sciences won the election with more than 5000 votes. This depicts the sincerity of larger percentage of Unilorites in their decisions not considering the distance and number of Oke Oyi but chose to vote the best candidate.


10. Animashaun, the First!


Animashaun Oluwaseyi Emmanuel became the first medical student to be the president of Unilorin students union. The man whose campaign slogan was ‘Investing in people’ later emerged to break the record. Coming from the COHS, a very smaller percentage of the school, some students who are lovers of the Game of Thrones and Animashaun were hailing him ‘The King in the North!’ Animashaun took a giant step by coming out for the post of president after much disappointing and discouraging comments, he refused to be tempted derail and instead, he kept his will. No wonder, when there’s will they say, there’s way. Congratulations Animashaun! The Choice of Unilorites


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