Barely some days ago, an article surfaced online, particularly on Nairaland about the prolonged semester which the writer termed as incompetence and an act of negligence on the part of the school administration. When I read the article, I was completely disappointed because the writer was sheerly inconclusive in his judgement and raised issues that are even not associated with the topic of his discussion.

The article, I expected should criticize the university management constructively and reveal the foul plays he felt were the reasons for this unusual prolong of a semester in the university. The article sounds really weird to the extent one would say the writer is only a saboteur who is not pleased with the smooth running of the calendar in the school or just an embryo blogger who is hungry of traffic.

Yes! I am a student in the university but I refused to be blindfolded by the inconclusive conclusions in the article. And after thorough research, I found 10 things which I think are strongly connected to the unusual holdup in the semester.

  1. 7-month: the current semester which is the first semester is now unusually seven month old from September. The semester is normally supposed to have ended late January and or early February.


  1. 2. Change of leadership: The University just changed its leadership and the new vice chancellor, Prof Suleiman Abdulkareem Age was inaugurated on October 15, 2017. Of course, having a new leader may bring about introduction of new things into the systems during transition. This can also be associated with the delay in the semester activities.

  1. School calendar design: in all its versions and revisions, the university usually designs an academic calendar for a current and a subsequent session. This implies that if for instances, as we are in 2017/2018 session now, the academic calendar for the session is the concluding of the previous session, the full activities of the current session and the beginning of the next session. This is to tell you that the university really has a distinct academic plan.


  1. Admission delay: Unlike what happens where institutions are the ones that give admission to students; this is not the case again. JAMB now does that through their CAPS, Central Admission Processing Scheme. The admission was delayed to the extent that till January the university is still admitting new students through JAMB. Now, should the school now disregard the new students and take to its academic calendar? No! They put the new students and injured their calendar causing the extension of the calendar.


  1. School fees extension: another thing that really led to this prolonged semester is also the leniency on the part of the students. Every time on class pages, the students union under the leadership of Mr Adebisi Ridwan always begged the university to extend the deadline times without number. Deadlines upon deadlines and extensions upon extensions to the extent that the payment which was supposed to end in December ended in February just because the school wanted to be lenient to the students. How was that the fault of the university?


  1. Examination date extension: When the examination timetables for different faculties were released, the uproar of students about the inconveniences of students about them reached the school management through the union again. And because the school has an authority that listens and considers its students, it shifted it a little to make it convenient for students.


  1. NASU strike: the non academic staff union of the university commenced an indefinite industrial action since 4th December 2018 and it just ended a week or two ago. During the period of the strike action, the academic staffs of the school were saddled with hectic responsibilities in order to cover up the absence of the non academic staff. This was also one of the reasons for the injured calendar.


  1. JAMB exam: The provisional timetable of 100L and 200L students for exam would have started immediately but it had to be postponed because of JAMB exam that was scheduled to hold in the school. This also contributed to the injuries of the timetable.


  1. Skill acquisition: This course which is usually offered in 300L first semester was redefined to be more practical oriented by asking the students to go for various training outside of their various courses of study. The vocational training was time-consuming and that was why the date its exam was also extended.


  1. Miscellaneous: There are a good number of reasonable situations and scenarios that can actually lead to this type of problem even apart from the aforementioned ones.

Having read this, you will agree that there is no way all these will happen to an institution  in a single semester and it won’t affect its calendar. The truth of the matter is there is no way you will stay outside and judge the inside fairly. If you don’t know a thing about something, it is better not to write anything about it. Unilorin still maintains the uninterrupted calendar it is always known for.



  1. People just write what come to their minds forgetting numerous people are out there to challenge them. Thanks for the info, well penned!

    • Thank you for taking your time to read it. Appreciated. Fact must always be told

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